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Cetma Dynami Tech Fins

pure carbon fins

2,410 SAR

DYNAMI-TECH . carbon fins

The Smallest and powerful fin on the planet

Features clues:

1) 100% IM7 carbon fiber:

2) The material used is 100% carbon raw material produced by hot melt impregnation system, using four-functional micro-reinforced epoxy resin.

3) 3D-Tech: Proprietary technology, from exclusive CETMA COMPOSITES expertise, with high pressure, high temperature and high degree of vacuum applied, resulting in a 0% vacuum level component, without defects, with uniform ratio/strengthening matrix across the whole blade.

4) FEM DESIGN: DYNAMI-TECH blades are optimized by precise design via Finite Element Software (FEM). The FEM sump design software enables an optimized distribution of stiffness, with the goal of obtaining deformation ensuring maximum hydrodynamic efficiency.

5) BUMP: The innovative power transmission system that initiates the transmission of power to the carbon fiber directly from the heel, thanks to the distribution of carbon differential stiffness under the foot. This is possible thanks to the innovative S-WiNG foot pocket.

6) X-Accleration: Extreme acceleration design. By engineering design, I was able to progressively distribute the blade's stiffness and mass thus obtaining a light and strong blade. Thus, the final user feedback is very little effort corresponding to an incredible momentum. This study is conducted using feedback received from athletes participating in indoor disciplines that require immediate strength and acceleration.

Particularly effective in DYN dynamics thrust and slide technology.

7) Dimensions Dynami-tech: width 170 mm, length of bending angle 550 mm, bending angle 28 °; Dimensions Dynami-tech L: width 185 mm, length of bending angle 650 mm, bending angle 25 degrees.

8) Available hardness: Unique universal hardness.

9) Logo color: white.

10) Foot pocket installation: CETMA COMPOSITES S-WiNG.

11) Water rail: CETMA COMPOSITES variable height and high efficiency water rail.

12) Warranty: 2 years on foot pockets; 5 years on carbon parts (find out more).

13) Trophies and Awards: Italian indoor champion 2017, 200m DYN bifins for the first time by Antonio Mugaveiro.

2,410 SAR
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