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Cetma Edge Fins white

2,645 SAR

Free moving carbon fins (blades) EDGE, main features:

1) 100% IM7 carbon fiber.

2) The material used is 100% carbon raw material produced by hot melt impregnation system, using four-functional micro-reinforced epoxy resin.

3) 3D-Tech: Proprietary technology, from exclusive CETMA COMPOSITES expertise, with high pressure, high temperature and high degree of vacuum applied, resulting in a 0% vacuum level component, without defects, with uniform ratio/strengthening matrix across the whole blade.

4) FEM Design: EDGE blades are optimized by careful design via Finite Element Software (FEM). The FEM sump design software enables an optimized distribution of stiffness, with the aim of obtaining a deformation capable of ensuring maximum hydrodynamic efficiency.

5) Dimensions: width 195 mm; The length of the bending angle is 742 mm; Bending angle 27 degrees.

6) Available hardness: super soft (XS), soft (S), medium (M), hard (H).

7) Choice of color: Posidonia green, magenta, white and cyan.

8) Foot pocket fitting: Sitma, March and Pathos fittings.

9) Water rail: CETMA COMPOSITES variable height and high efficiency water rail.

10) Warranty: 2 years on carbon parts; 5 years if fitted with a CETMA COMPOSITES foot pocket.

11) AWARDS AND AWARDS: WORLD CHAMPIONS 2015 - CMAS World Record of Michele Giurgola, in 2015 in cold water from Ischia, two-fin fixed weight - 93 metres.

2,645 SAR
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