Jeddah Free Diving School aims to build and develop the trainees’ skills from several aspects in general, concerned with the mental and educational aspects in a scientific manner, in addition to th

JFS Carbon Fins with Foot Pocket Pathos

JFS Pure Carbon Fins

1,877 SAR

JFS fins made of pure carbon. European quality for high performance. Weighs only 190 g and blade length is 76 cm without the footpocket.

The blade is designed in a special stiffness to fit most weights closes to medium/soft to medium stiffness.

Material Manufacture: The highest quality of European pure carbon fiber manufactured under best conditions in Greek factories.

Blade length is 75 cm and width is 19.4 cm, suitable for Foot Pocket Pathos

Black color

Suitable Foot Pocket: Foot Pocket Pathos

1,877 SAR
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