Jeddah Free Diving School aims to build and develop the trainees’ skills from several aspects in general, concerned with the mental and educational aspects in a scientific manner, in addition to th

For ladies

JFS Smooth Black Wetsuit 2mm for women

JFS wetsuit

1,500 SAR

JFS free diving wetsuit

This suit is perfect for daily training and deep free diving. Quality first, the suit comes with two piece top and pants. 2mm of Japanese Yamamoto 39 neoprene, one of the best materials for the wetsuit to give you more isolation in cold water thanks to the high elastic Japanese neoprene to make you feel more comfortable while taking full breaths easily

This suit is covered with smooth skin on the outside for better gliding inside the water, and covered with Lycra on the inside for a better feeling of comfort and ease of wearing.

The suit is ideal in water between 25-29 degrees Celsius

1,500 SAR
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