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Lanyard FreeXperience Belt

laneyard belt

330 SAR

Lanyard belt was designed by Freedivers for Freedivers. Here are some carefully considered design details:

Simple quick release mechanism - located behind your back, so you do not accidentally open it (the seat belt is attached to the quick release mechanism)

Durable, thanks to the high build quality

A lighter and heavier model is available, each with a non-corroding wire loop


Fully compatible with FreeXperience wrist lanyard (cables are interchangeable. Also compatible with my previous creations as breathing slings)

Ships with cool mesh bag, optional extra clear tag plate (for Velcro tags), and optional seat belt (for deep diving)

Practical and beautiful shape with visible and safe cable

It is worn at the waist (just below the iliac crest)

The inner part of the belt is covered with anti-slip material

Cable length 90cm

Sizes: M (Waist: 75-85cm), L (Waist: 85-95cm), XL (Waist: 95-105cm - measured below the iliac crest)

More specifications

330 SAR
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