Jeddah Free Diving School aims to build and develop the trainees’ skills from several aspects in general, concerned with the mental and educational aspects in a scientific manner, in addition to th

2.5 kilo

lobster neck weights for dynamic pools size S

Lobster Neck Weight

1,483 SAR

A new and unique weight system, designed specifically for free-diving, the lobster neck weight can be used for pool training and competitions.

The Lobster is located close to the point around which the forces of buoyancy balance which makes swimming more efficient and allows you to overcome long distances and increase your running results.

It is designed not to overburden the neck of a free diver. Due to the special shape and special material, the collar allows you to bring your hands together above your head. Flexible weight system follows the movement of the dorsal vertebrae without restricting the swimmer's movement. Т There are special silicone inserts that make the collar fit your neck comfortably, and remove the load from the collarbone.

The Lobster design allows you not to worry about potential water resistance. The hydrodynamic properties of the sink, due to its shape and material, neutralize the turbulence of the water flow, allowing you to focus on diving.

1,483 SAR
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