Jeddah Free Diving School aims to build and develop the trainees’ skills from several aspects in general, concerned with the mental and educational aspects in a scientific manner, in addition to th

Octopus Floyd goggles

Professional free diving goggles

500 SAR

The first affordable goggles to offer top view, with the perfect ergonomic and stylish design!

Octopus Fluid glasses are a great tool for safety, relaxation and enjoyment of underwater vision, without having to worry about equalizing the goggles and without any depth limit. Our model allows for underwater and surface viewing as well.

Being able to see at the surface, not just underwater, is a huge makes pre-dive preparation much more relaxing, and the surface protocol is a lot easier in the competition.

Underwater, once you get used to it (it takes a few sessions, just like when you start using a nose clip), being able to see perfectly makes you feel much calmer, especially in the event of a problem like your rope getting tangled. Finally, for your fun dives, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world without having to worry about mask pressure equalization.

The width of the googles can be adjusted using 4 different sized nose bridges that connect to comfortably fit your specific face.

The production of the specially designed eyeglass body type we designed requires a large investment of injection molding, but this is the only option to offer double vision (underwater and surface) eyewear, in perfect quality, with perfect placement of lenses, unparalleled comfort, killer design and extremely affordable.


-Handle and head strap: high quality silicone

Body: polycarbonate

Lens: 20mm PCX

500 SAR
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