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Pulley system Octopus yellow

Pulley System

265 SAR

Octopus Rope Pulling System: a smart product that is easy to use, robust (maximum load 250kg), efficient, compact, convenient and affordable while maintaining high quality components.

It's so resistant that you can leave it hanging below the float, and there's no real need to rinse it in fresh water. You can even jump on it with both feet, and it will continue to run over and over again using any 8 to 12 mm diameter rope.

It has an ergonomic shape: in regards to both its ease of use with one hand, as well as the lack of sharp edges (how many times did you bump your head into your buoy on the way up when you were a little 'there's a zipper on the top'?).

Finally, in the event of an emergency, it will enable you to pull the line in a more efficient way than the traditional method (like putting a bag of potatoes on top of the float...).

Try it once and you will never go back to using a simple carabiner! Designed and tested by Swiss record holder Pascal Berger.

265 SAR
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